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In order to offer a wide and distinguished customer service Pressytal is equipped with the most advanced technology machinery, that enable us to manufacturer parts for different demain of application such as parts for valves, taps, cocks and fittings, heating devices, pumps and compressors, meters, fire extinguishing system , cooking appliances and many other applications. In the last few years we have implemented the production of fittings with a department dedicate to their production, assembling and packaging.
Pressytal can rely on 10 press machines among which Hydromec, Rovetta and Mecolpress which are able to hot-forge different articles ranging from 20 gr. to 9.0 kg. with machine cycles from 500 pieces to 3.500 pieces hourly. A further production consists in the casting of parts for industrial boilers, chemical and heating systems.
We hot-forge about 30 millions pieces yearly


  • Raw materials:
    • CuZn39Pb3,
    • CuZn40Pb2,
    • CuZn36Pb2AS,
    • CW614N,
    • CW617N,
    • CW602N,
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