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Pressytal S.r.l., certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004, is a leading company in the European market since the 80’s as manufacturer of non-ferrous metal parts, specifically in DZR and no-lead brass, designed accordingly to our customers’ technical requirements.

We produce pressed and machined parts for valves, taps, cocks and fittings, heating devices, pumps and compressors, meters, fire extinguishing system , cooking appliances and many other applications. In the last few years we have implemented the production of fittings with a department dedicate to their production, assembling and packaging. Finished and unfinished products are the result of a continuous feedback with our clients in order to fully satisfy their quality and price expectations, making any qualified technological and human effort to achieve all customers’ goals. The production process is strictly monitored, from the design and the production of dies to the shipping of goods: sampling, forging, testing, machining and surface treatment are strictly monitored before the parts are being carefully packed and shipped.

Pressytal S.r.l. cooperates since many years with premium Italian and European companies for which we deliver on a daily basis with an excellent delivery score. We look at the past with satisfaction and with optimism at the future, thanks to the long experience gathered. We invite you to visit our web site at and our premises as well. You will touch with your hands the philosophy of our Company

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